Our philosophy is simple and based on the principles of sustainability and ethics towards the environment, animals and workers. An incorrect and unsustainable feeding system is one of the worst factors of pollution, social inequality, disease and atrocities against animals. ORA was created to propose an organic, vegetarian, inclusive, sustainable, smart and tasty food and wine format. Its pillars are the principles of proximity, reuse and reduction of plastic, waste and energy consumption. We like to think that ORA can be both an entrepreneurial model and a project promoting healthy and necessary values and principles.

« You may not be responsible for the situation you are in, but you will be if you do nothing to change it »
Martin Luther King


ORA is a purpose oriented ecosystem, because it is only from the union of conscious and virtuous intentions that the most beautiful things are born. We started from a dream, with the will to translate it into culture, work and economy of wide-ranging and that is why we decided to team up with the realities close to us and established in different areas:
fondazione est ovest

Fondazione Est-Ovest

Fondazione Est Ovest was founded to promote the harmonious development of humanity through the study and practice of Western and Eastern philosophy through which to find the right balance to realize the dream of a new world, united and in peace, where organic and biodynamic agriculture are the production system capable of preserving the environment and biodiversity and start the planet towards a project of regeneration.

Probios S.p.a

Probios, the Italian leader in the distribution of vegetarian organic foods, has been promoting the cultivation of raw materials with respect for humans and nature for over 35 years and for many years has also been creating and marketing product lines suitable for people who need to follow special diets.



Veracura Trust Onlus is a progressive social and environmental impact accelerator that, through entrepreneurship, business and marketing, acted as a form of activism, creates its own projects and helps NGO’s and large companies to increase the scope of their actions with social and environmental progressive impact. In a nutshell, a Global Business and Marketing Company, not for profit.


The quiet dehors, a large entrance with a social table and a bar counter, two rooms with large windows and a basement make ORA a cozy and comfortable place near the center of Florence, just outside the crowd. The interiors, furnished with care and with colors reminiscent of nature, make it comfortable and relaxing, suitable for spending time at various times of the day. Some spaces dedicated to local and international artists and disruptive elements, such as a mural that runs along all the walls, allow ORA to follow its own and unexpected trends.

Take it, easy

What do we like about it? ORA is not a restaurant but the prototype of an experience where, through good food and drinks, you can spend time in company or in silence, working, studying or reading a book. In the background you will always find smiles, music, selected with the help of musician friends to guarantee the right rhythm. If you don’t want to eat with us, or you have to go shopping groceries before going home or back to the office, you can buy some organic food and drinks and come back with a smile.


Let us introduce you to the team that has embraced our idea and shared the ORA project: all passionate about the organic and veg lifestyle!